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You Can’t Go it Alone: the three S’s for small business.

Boyd & Nicholas, Inc. started on 9/17/93. Since then B&N has made most every mistake known to running and starting a small business. The unforeseen effects of ORT and IPS on the industry also caused us in 98-01 to lose over half our clients and our staff just as the industry lost almost half the providers and suffered a 60% decrease of the Medicare spending for home health. Many of the consulting firms also disappeared.

I speak from bruises not perfection.

A. SELF EDUCATION 1. Join your national, state and regional association. Be aware of and part of the “global” community. No man is an island and don’t operate your business as if it were. 2. Practice CEUs. Most of your caregivers have continuing education requirements. You should manage as if you require them of your CEO, CFO and the rest of your management team including yourself. Education should not stop once you or they have obtained a degree. Attend the programs provided at the conferences and available via webinars and audio conferences.

B. SCORE A non-profit organization that provides free and low cost education (webinars, classes, online, workshops) to small business in many areas including HR, budgeting, business planning, accounting, and more. They also will provide for free a mentor, F2F or e-mail, to give you advice.

C. SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION & The SBA in times past was known for being too much of a bureaucracy. They have added programs and streamlined the loan process. Specific education and funding programs are now available for veterans, women and minorities.

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