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  • Tom Boyd

Why Democrats are like Donkeys

The first appearance of the Democrat donkey was in 1870 and can it be traced back to the 1828 campaign of Andrew Jackson.( the last good Democrat president Russ says).

In case you wondered about the similarities here are ten reasons why Democrats are like Donkeys.

  1. They engage in a lot of braying for no reason.

  2. Their bite is worse than their braying and causes only harm or annoyance depending on whom they are biting.

  3. They are very bad-tempered if you do not agree with them.

  4. They refuse to do more or carry more than their perceived fair share and will complain bitterly if you ask them to do more.

  5. You can lead them to water and logic but can’t make them drink or think.

  6. They thrive in poor areas and wish all areas were poor.

  7. They will breed with thoroughbreds or Republicans but only to produce offspring that do not have those traits.

  8. They prefer to run with the herd than to be an independent thinker.

  9. They have big ears as they want to hear everything even if it is none of their business.

  10. They have a well-deserved nickname.

Why Democrats are like Donkeys
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