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“We should all be like Pollyanna” - By Tom Boyd

Originally posted January 2012.

Be glad, be happy - If you haven’t seen Disney’s Pollyanna with Haley Mills as Pollyanna you have missed a great movie.

Pollyanna plays "The Glad Game," which calls for thinking of the positive aspects of your situation.

Personally, my knees hurt... but I have a friend with only one leg. My grandchildren are two hours away...yet I know of those with no grandchildren or have them 3,000 miles away.

Back to the movie, Karl Malden is known for preaching “hell and damnation” to his flock. One day Pollyanna meets the Karl in the field and tells him of the Abraham Lincoln quote; “If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will.” She goes on to tell him of the bible’s many glad and happy passages.

He ends up changing his ways and begins to preach the happy passages.

I could relate - I am a fan of Joel Osteen who certainly practices "The Glad Game" as he often focuses on the bible’s glad and happy passages.

Joel’s recent sermons include;

1. Seeing people through eyes of love

2. Appreciating the people in your life

3. Staying Passionate about life

4. Having the right perspective

5. The power of I AM

Nothing wrong with any of that, is there?

Check out his Sunday TV program, or download his audio or video podcasts.

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