• Tom Boyd

Vote a Message

There is the Green Party.

There is the Libertarian Party

“3rd parties” were the first to propose Child labor laws Minimum wage 8-hour work day 5-day work week Income tax (in 1913 1% to 7%) Medicare Social security Prohibition (ok, not every new idea is a good idea) Term limits And more

The two major parties have failed America and now spend so much time fighting that little gets done. Stagnation has been the result since 2000.

A vote for other than Hilary or Trump may send a message. And in CA (and most states) it will not matter as Hilary will beat Donald 3 to 1 or better in the electoral college.

I would like to see Hilary get less than 50% and Trump get less than 40% with other parties the balance.

When Edwards ran against Duke (KKK leader) for governor of Louisiana there were bumper stickers that stated “Vote for the crook not the bigot”.

Vote for neither as there are the options of voting Libertarian or Green.

Perhaps the Democrats and the Republicans should go the way of the Whigs and the Federalists.

Vote a message.

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