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Veterans leave the military, start businesses

Military training does a good job of preparing veterans for the risks involved with business ownership, but raising capital can still be difficult. “Veterans who have served just four years in the military usually leave with more leadership and problem-solving experience than most others do in their lifetime,” said Kevin Rosenberg, a Navy veteran. “But most civilians don’t recognize this, especially loan officers.” The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans With Disabilities, which was launched a few years ago, is helping to address some of the challenges faced by veterans. MSN/Business on Main (12/10)

I learned to duck, to run, to be afraid and about the birds and the bees. More importantly the GI bill helped pay for college. Alas, I came up short on the needed experience of leadership and problem-solving as per the author of this article, I needed “just” four years of service instead of my three years. Perhaps that it is why B&N, Inc. started in 1993 whereas I left the army in 1969. I’m slow.

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