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Use Snopes

Use Snopes

September 24, 2013 / Boyd & Nicholas

My wife and I have a number of relatives, friends and colleagues that are from the far far right and the far far left. What both extreme groups have in common is the sending of internet or Facebook stories that give facts and statistics supportive of their view-point from the outer limits (that was a great TV series). I don’t mind getting the information. I often send the extreme views of one group to the other. This makes for my getting some interesting responses.

What both extreme groups also have in common is the lack of reality, and the inability to check their facts. A friend (thanks Rebecca) pointed that out when I was forwarding some nasty comments about Hanoi Jane Fonda whom I detest and still do. The nasty comments were worse than the horrid reality. I was advised to check out or similar websites. The urban legends website checks out the facts of the internet circulated e-mails of anyone including the far right and the far left.

So by checking out I still detest Hanoi Jane; love Ann Margaret; like Warren Buffett still despite the fact he did not say the things credited to him; and I am okay with Lee Marvin not winning the Navy Cross–he did serve in the navy in WWII and was wounded in battle. And congress is covered by the social security system and a lot of other benefits. But then any benefits for them are wasted money given their performance of the last few years. (Both far right and far left agree on that one.)

Next time you get an interesting message regarding congressional benefits, Area 51, Buffett’s amendment to the constitution, signing a petition, Rock Hudson’s war record, the birth place of any president, Walt Disney’s body being frozen, go visit or another urban legend website.

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