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  • Tom Boyd

Trust the Universe

Let go of what you think is “right”.

Take your hands off the steering wheel.

Remind yourself that you are supported.

You are not going it alone on this Earth.

Dwell in the company of your non-physical teachers and guides.

When you ask for guidance, know that it is pouring forward.

Know that your current circumstance is working toward

your best/most appropriate end.

You must develop a partnership with the Universe.

You must pray, you must talk, you must ask, you must believe.

Relax into the present moment ~ your task is not to worry about

that which we call the future.

Keep your power in today, and allow yourself the freedom

that comes from being attached to any particular outcome.

Feel your intentions in your heart.

Open yourself to others and treat them with compassion.

Be mindful of your words, actions and motivations in all cases.

Give yourself permission to choose the most positive behavior

in each moment.



Challenge your fears.

Be who you are.

Open your heart and reach for your soul.

Trust the Universe, trust in your Self!

Author Unknown

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