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We all have items that are very personal and treasured by no one but ourselves. I often see things for sale in antique stores and wonder that to someone they must have been every valued or important and now inexpensive or lessor value to anyone else. I have two such items.

1. I have 7 or more chess sets including a hand craved set from Thailand purchased in the 60s by a friend and a hand painted chess set that I bought in Germany in 1968.

While in Vietnam I asked my father for two things; a copy of The Wall Street Journal and a chess set. (An imbedded news reporter took a picture of me reading the WSJ sitting on a rice paddy dyke).  My favorite chess set is the small magnetic set Dad purchased for 99 cents. I still have and treasure the “retired” chess set and hope one of my kids keep it rather than toss it as worthless. The hand carved Thailand set while much more valuable I am giving to the son of the decreased friend who gave it to me.

Magnetic Chess Set

2. One chess tournament game in 1843 took 14 ½ hours for 66 moves. The chess community was upset that games were taking so long. Mechanical chess clocks in chess tournaments were first introduced in the 1883 to speed up the game. The clocks were simple, actually two clocks side by side with one clock for each player. Each player had to complete their game moves before their time was up and their clock flag fell. 40 moves in two hours is the most traditional time control.  

Most chess clocks today are analog with time delay options (Bobby Fischer patented it in 1988) and complex enough that I have never purchased one. I let my opponents figure out the varied time usages and we play with their clock. I suspect I am objecting also to the change from the old clocks.  

The premier chess set of the old fashion type was the Jerger clock made in Germany. When my Mother came back from Germany in 1983 she brought me the Jerger Schachuhr that I requested. The clock, now retired, is my treasure from my Mother. I hope at least one of my kids will sell it for the $300 or more it could bring or donate it, rather than sell it for $10 at a garage sale.

Chess Clock,jpg

Chess Clock Box

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