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  • Tom Boyd

This is Happiness

My favorite thing in life is … Doing Nothing.

Doing Nothing is not laziness, inertia or lethargy. It is not even necessarily the absence of activity. Is it more like an attitude. A way of being. An intimate and loving and slow relationship with life.

You can accomplish a lot when you’re Doing Nothing! Because you’re doing what you’re doing with the fullness of your presence, with a deep sense of non-doing. The thing you’re doing is the most fascinating thing in all the universe. You are like a child, existing in wonder. You’re letting life move through you.

In doing nothing, you may be doing a lot. (Even though you’re Doing Nothing, and life is doing everything).

“You” may be writing a poem, or making pottery, or sitting drinking tea, or swimming in the ocean. You may be compiling a report, or feeding the hungry, or researching a cure for cancer, or spending time with a beloved friend or relative. But inside, there is great stillness. Inside, there is contentment. You know you are exactly where you are supposed to be. And the goal is far less important than the journey. And the miracle of existence itself makes you so happy.

The mind may say, “I’m accomplishing nothing here, what I’m doing has no value, I’m useless, a waste of space”. The mind may run from the silence, the divine and timeless stillness at the heart of creation. The mind may flee from what it perceives as nothingness and non-existence and loneliness and death.

But the heart, the heart rejoices in the very same stillness! For it knows, your self-worth is not linked to your worldly accomplishments. You are infinitely worthy because you exist. You don’t need to do anything to prove your worth. You are inherently lovable AS YOU ARE.

And free… Free from the need to complete yourself in time. Free from the need to be liked. Free from the need to erase “unhappiness”. Free from the need to resolve this mystery called life.

This is happiness: The absence of the one who seeks it.

– Jeff Foster

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