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The Lights go Out

The Lights Go Out

The last issue of Points of Light weekly email newsletter was March 30th , 2018.

To quote Simione Healthcare Consultants

“We’re Consolidating Our Business Communications ”

After careful consideration of our clients’ preferences for email content and frequency, Simione Healthcare Consultants will discontinue Points of Light, the weekly Friday newsletter of quotations and anecdotes.

We realize that this light content is appreciated by many, but the subject matter and frequency does not serve the majority of our audience, which has identified needs for relevant business content and less frequent emails. Our primary purpose is to improve business performance in home-based care, providing education and support to address challenging industry circumstances.

As we work to continue our focus on professional development and business improvement, Simione remains your trusted resource to help you achieve your goals and aspirations as caregivers, business professionals and organizations dedicated to high-quality care at home.

The newsletter started as a Boyd & Nicholas weekly fax to 17 people in late 1993, became an almost monthly paper magazine in the later 1990’s and converted to the email newsletter with the introduction of email messaging. At the end almost 1200 people received it and it was shared with many others. The POL issues were educational, informative, dealt with nonpolitical events, self-improvement and human-interest stories. It was always intended to show our care and concern for home health care organizations and the people who are part of the caring community.

I will miss the Points of Light newsletter. I appreciate having been a part of this newsletter for almost 25 years and a member of the caring community since 1989.

“…all Americans have not just a right, but a solid responsibility ….to give something back to their communities”

President’s State of the Union Address, 1/24/95 quoted in POL #18 of May 1995.

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