• Tom Boyd

The Four Letter Word

I lost 80 pounds in 2012 and early 2013. I thought because it was about time. I was eating proper and less and walking the treadmill daily for 2-3 miles.

I attended health education classes to consider bariatric surgery (BS) and decided that was not for me because I had the will power to lose weight (Blog 6/11/13).

To quote my silly self:

“as a part-time libertarian and a person who believes in personal responsibility, it just grates on me to consider BS. After all, no one force feeds me and I got obese by my personal choices.”

BULL. Once I had my kidney removed it seemed like an excuse to “party on” as life appeared short and chocolate is my favorite food. I have been known to eat a large tub of chocolate pudding at one sitting. But then I rarely have met a food I did not like.

I now admit to failure having regained 60 of the 80 pounds I had lost. Next month I will be starting an 82-week program offered by Kaiser Permanente Health Management. The program includes planned meals, supplied foods and weekly group meetings (group therapy?). My goal is to lose 125 pounds by 9/8/18.

Sometimes personal responsibility is not enough. Sometimes help is needed.

Help is a better four letter word than diet.

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