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Taking a Moment to Reflect

There are many reasons why people write a blog, the most common being those focused on the reader and those expressing the thoughts of the writer. This blog - in all its forms over the years - has always been about both.

This specific post is about YOU.

We get a lot of email communication these days - and there are many ways of connecting with people, including different platforms like Medium, Vocal, and all types of social media.

My ears are open to YOUR recommendations. Any replies to this email I will read, and I will be grateful for your time!

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What you think about the content...the frequency...

What Do You Think About the Blog Frequency (Currently comes out on Saturdays)?

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  • Every other week is better

  • Twice a week would be better

  • Monthly is better

You can vote for more than one answer.

Are you interested in contributing as a writer? If so, send me an article and (if the content is appropriate - motivational/inspirational with NO ADVERTISING) we can see about adding it to the schedule.

I'm Interested in Writing for Bantam Chessnut

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