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Study needed?

Seniors with disabilities less likely to recover from fall injuries: Study August 21, 2013 McKnight’s Long-Term Care News

“Seniors who have a hip fracture or another serious fall injury are significantly more likely to recover if they had little or no disabilities before the accident, according to a new study.”

My goodness, did we actually need a study to determine that?

I have read of studies that: 1. State people without regular health checkups have more serious health problems than those with regular health checkups. (logical is it not?) 2. State drivers who text and drive have more accidents. (no kidding.) 3. State fast food is not healthy and contributes to weight gain. (I am slow to understand, and heavy.) 4. State politicians are only above used car salespeople for least respected profession. (I was surprised as I thought better of used car salespeople.)

I am looking for studies that support: 1. The idea that bald men have more fun. (could just take Pat Laff’s word for it or wait a few years.) 2. Women are better drivers than men. (can’t just accept my wife’s word.) 3. Getting a sailboat while not knowing how to swim is a good idea. (on my bucket list wish.) 4. Grandchildren are perfect because they take after their grandparents. (makes sense to me.)

Study on!

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