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Stink and do better

John Wayne and Susan Hayward made a 1956 movie so bad it barely got seen in the theaters. John was Genghis Khan in “The Conqueror.” John said it was the worst of his 173 films. (A sad side note, the movie is now known as the movie that killed. 91 of the 220 known people including John, and Susan, who worked on the film, died of cancer along with an unknown number of extras and John’s son who visited the movie site. The movie was filmed in Utah during the US Army nuclear bomb tests.)

“Original Sin,” made in 2001 with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas is now known solely for the sex scene. (I must delete the movie from my DVR one of these days.) Angelina got voted worst actress of the year. A bad movie made by big actors.

In other words even the best produced work that may not be worthy of pride.

I have operated in similar fashion by design. In my view the only thing worse than filing a not perfect or flawed cost report is not filing one at all. If the cost report is not filed then the provider receives no money from Medicare despite having provided services to Medicare patients. The punishment seems too heavy for the crime of sloppy records particularly for the first time, uninformed client. We do try, and continue to try to inform, teach and direct them to better record keeping. We are not always successful.

Like the actors above you need to move on and try better next time after you produce less than your best work.

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