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  • Tom Boyd

Short Sighted Pilots

Southwest tried to acquire Frontier Airlines in 2009. The deal failed largely because the Frontier pilots failed to agree to the requirement of the Southwest pilots that the Frontier pilots be on the bottom of the combined pilots seniority list. Southwest offers the highest pilot wages among U.S. passenger airlines.

Recently Republic Airlines Holdings, who acquired Frontier Airlines in 2009, has suggested that Frontier may be sold or close and certainly will suffer cost cutting measures including layoffs. So sorry to the Frontier pilots who did not want to be at the bottom of the pilots seniority list for the highest pilot compensation of the fastest growing airline.

Cheers to Southwest who did not proceed with the acquisition of Frontier due to the requirement of their pilots. They kept to their corporate culture to be employee friendly and loyal. (They were also the only airline who did not terminate any employees after 9/11).

Yes I love the LUV airline.

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