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Republican In Name Only (RINO) is a pejorative term used by conservative members of the Republican Party of the United States to describe Republicans whose political views or actions they consider insufficiently conservative.

Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronny Reagan would all be RINOs today given the GOP leadership in congress. What ever happened to dealing and compromises to accomplish things in order be the leaders for all the people? Don’t get me wrong as there should be a number of DINOs along with fellow RINOs. The two-party system is currently failing us. Where are the deal makers today like the named presidents, and people like Howard Baker, Everett Dirksen and Sam Rayburn were in the past?

Conservatives would rather have a liberal Democrat in office than a moderate Republican. We can recall how badly the conservative Republican, Barry Goldwater lost in 1964 when Republican moderate Governors Nelson Rockefeller or William Scranton would have done much better and perhaps even won the election.

The Democrat party is the other extreme. California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, senator since 1992, is now being viewed as a DINO by her Democrat State Leadership. She is viewed as a DINO because she is not liberal enough and because of her attempts to work with the RINOs and other DINOs to get things done. I am wishing we had more RINOs and DINOs.

Another possible solution to the Washington log jam is if we had more major political parties and a coalition government. The creation of new parties; the Blue Dog Democrats (The Bulldog Party), the Ripon Society Republicans (The Lincoln Party), Ron Paul (The Isolationist Party), tea party (The Whig Party) could form a coalition government among themselves or with the Democrats (The Federalists Party) or the Republicans (The Tories Party) to run the USA. I would like to see three parties or more in the House and the Senate. Could be an improvement. Hard to imagine it being worse.

Meanwhile I will be a RINO and a member of The Lincoln Party.

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