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  • Tom Boyd

Replaceable People

We are all familiar with the belief that every person is replaceable. That if someone leaves your organization or a national leader dies that another person can take his or her place. And most of the time that is true, but not always.

I submit that the following people could not be replaced and the world suffered for it;

1. Mahatma Gandhi Gandhi worked to stop the carnage between Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. Would we have the three countries of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, or one; or, the troubles of that region had he lived longer?

2. Abraham Lincoln Aside from holding the country together during the American Civil War; after the war Lincoln held a moderate view of Reconstruction, seeking to reunite the nation speedily through a policy of generous reconciliation in the face of lingering and bitter divisiveness. Had he lived, Reconstruction would not have been as hard, or as long imposed upon the southern states.

Now let us take it down to us mortals.

Mary St. Pierre recently retired from NAHC and was (and is) a wonderful person who was always helpful. If, rarely, she did not know the answer she would find out and get back to you shortly. We will miss her. Mary Carr, I assume will be stepping up to the plate, so to speak, and given past history Mary Carr will do a great job.

Now let us consider Bill Dombi. Many clients tell us that they only belong to NAHC because of Bill Dombi and some only attend conferences where Bill Dombi will be speaking. Bill’s energy seems endless as is his knowledge of most anything related to the home health care business industry. He is like three or four people in one.

The home health care business community AND all the patients who receive home health care (and have never heard of Bill Dombi) would greatly miss him were he to retire. I know I would.

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