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Proud German

When I was a young boy I asked my mother was she a Nazi during the war. Mother said she was 15 when the war started and when the war ended she was a 21-year-old war widow with a three-year-old son, brother Bernd Gregor. She was never a Nazi party member.

When I was a teenager I asked my mother was she aware of the concentration camps. Mother repeated the above and added that for most of the war she worked for the Luftwaffe in Berlin. She said she did not know of the camps.

I briefly told my two Mother survival stories in my blog of 8/12/14.

For much of my life it has been hard to be proud of being German despite a love of the people and country. It was easy to be proud of being American having a Louisiana father who fought in both WWII and the Korean War.

Recently, Germany has made major decisions to admit refugees from the Syrian civil war into their country. They will provide resources to help the refugee’s recover. And they are forcing the other European countries to follow their lead, even if on a smaller scale. Germans can be proud of these efforts.

I wish I could tell both of my parents that I am proud of them and their having survived the wars.

I also am a proud German.

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