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Privacy & Prayer

I wish well most everyone I know (my ex-wife and my wife’s cat may be the only exceptions). I wish everyone well in their personal life, with their business and with their health and their loved ones. I like to think I was practicing Joel Osteen before I knew of him.

I pray for those I know if they have problems that seem to call for prayers (cancer, heart surgery, loss of loved one, TBI, etc.)

At the recent CAHSAH conference I learned that one of the speakers who is a national consultant is suffering kidney failure and will be getting renal dialysis and waiting for a kidney donor. This was told to me by a 3rd party and I will not name either of them for reasons noted below.

I made repeated calls to the gentleman suffering the kidney failure and also sent him an e-mail giving him my best wishes for good health, getting another kidney (other than mine) and advising that I would be including him in my prayers. He never was available for my phone calls and did not return them (disclosure messages to his personal voice mail only not to his staff). He also did not respond to my e-mail. Clearly he does not want to talk about his illness. And this is his right and I will not go public with the information.

I do believe differently. When my baby granddaughter, Lorelei Lea, was dying in 2008 I asked everybody I knew and tried to reach out to everyone possible to pray for her and her mother, Cynthia Ann Boyd. Had it helped I would have done ads in NY Times and USA Today and held a séance reaching out to Mother Teresa.

While the gentleman, noted above, prefers privacy I will still include him in my prayers. You can join me as a BCC.

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