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  • Tom Boyd

Praying the Odds

Studies and statistics.

I read that if you are on a flight longer than two hours you have a 20% chance of getting a cold or worse. Since I have been taking Airborne the last few years this has not happened to me. Airborne is said to be only a placebo but who cares how if the effect is positive? No study has been done since Airborne is not a medicine but only a dietary supplement

I read that the flu vaccine shot is only effective for about 60% of the known flu viruses. I like the better side of the deal and get the shot.

I had surgery in April for my left kidney cancer. One study said this surgery is 93% effective. I bet daily on this being true. The odds are zero percent that my right kidney can help out having been removed in late June. (LOL)

My favorite cancer doctor of the two, put my kidney data into the kidney research data center and the computer states that I have a 69% chance of living five years. The other MD said 50-50 so he is not my favorite.

A study stated that if a couple both lived to be 65 that the odds of one of them living to 80 is 92% and 57% for both of them to live to 90. I am eagerly waiting for Nancy, now 61, to turn 65 for her sake and mine.

Nothing about life, love and living is 100%. We are all praying the odds.


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