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  • Tom Boyd


This past February I learned that I had kidney cancer.

As a result I did something I had never done before, I prayed for myself. I have in the past prayed for friends, relatives, strangers, associates, colleagues, people I read about or see on the internet, radio or TV. I have even prayed for world peace. I will continue to do so.

It seemed strange to pray for myself. Like I am not worthy or deserving of it. Like praying for one good kidney and to be cancer free when I know of others that are not that fortunate seems selfish.

My recent experience disclosed to me a lot of people who were praying for me and know me as a friend, relative, stranger, associate, colleague or who were asked to do so by others. And I greatly appreciate all of them.

I now think of prayers like love; the more you give the more you get. And I include myself in my prayers every day along with the many others.

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