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  • Tom Boyd

Phillippines: Foe, Friend and Fraud

The Filipinos had fought hard to not become part of or under the control of the USA (Philippine –American War 1899-1902 and some after) in which an estimated 200,000 to 1,400,000 Filipinos died along with less than 5,000 Americans. The American General Otis should have been tried for war crimes if not genocide.

In World War II instead of siding with the Japanese they became a strong American ally and friend. More than a million Filipinos died as a result (American dead were 418,500). More Filipinos died during the infamous Bataan death march than Americans.

In home health care many DME, home health agencies and hospices are owned and operated by Filipinos. Many of them are viewed as engaging in Medicare fraud. The OIG most wanted fugitives, captured and being sought, include a greater number of Filipinos than should be listed given their numbers in the industry. (Indians, Cubans, Russians and Africans are even better {worse} represented).

Transparency International ranked the Philippines #94 out of 177 countries in their corruption perceptions index. Recently, once again, the USA is drawing closer to the Philippines to combat the threats posed by China, North Korea and Russia.

At Blue Cross and within our family of clients I found Filipinos to be usually hard working and always honest.

The ironic mixed message from the government seems to be that we can trust the Filipinos with our security and our lives but not our money.

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