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  • Tom Boyd

One way and not the other

I recently took health education classes where we were informed about the pros and cons of bariatric surgery (BS). BS is weight loss surgery for obese people. There is Gastric Banding, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass Surgery, and Billopancreatic Diversion (lucky no spelling test as part of class requirements). Most of those in the class opted for one of the BS surgeries.

The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, had gastric banding done recently as he was thinking of not becoming another Howard Taft, our heaviest president who was 5 foot 11 inches and weighed about 340 pounds. But worse from a politician’s view he only served one term. Taft also gave us the income tax and got stuck in the White House bathtub where it took six aides to pull him out.

I read now that some states will not cover BS under The Affordable Care Act and some HMO & insurance companies do not and will not cover it. I also read that women that have it done tend to have slimmer and smaller weight babies. By health or attitude obesity seems to be heredity.

Why no BS for me? Until recently I had been dieting and did lose some 55 pounds. Regrettably I need to lose another 55. However, as a part-time libertarian and a person who believes in personal responsibility, it just grates on me to consider BS. After all, no one force feeds me and I got obese by my personal choices.

One way and not the other I will lose the excessive weight. I look forward to being called handsome and slim instead of just handsome.

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