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  • Tom Boyd

Old Heroes

I read that Liam Neeson, age 62, will soon being doing “Taken 3” as the first Taken made him an action hero. He rates with Sylvester Stallone (age 68), Arnold Schwarzenegger (age 67), and Chuck Norris (age 74) in being an old action hero. Action heroes do impossible things; risk harm, act without personal benefit being their first thought and for the good of the weak, disadvantaged and threatened.

My old heroes exist within the home health care and hospice community. They include Bill and Bob Simione, Pat Laff, Barry Gold, Larry Leahy, Ken McNulty, Vern Peterschmidt, Ramsy Badre, and Ted Cuppett. While they work within the community and make or made a living doing so they also greatly contributed their time and effort to help others and set high standards for volunteer service for the betterment of the community. I like to think I also contributed while not being as knowledgeable as my heroes. They set the bar for my efforts.

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