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My Bucket List

In 2007 there was a movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The main plot follows two terminally ill men on their road trip with a wish list of things to do before they “kick the bucket.”

At this time in my life I decided on my own bucket list. It does not include skydiving, a lion safari, or seeing the Great Pyramid as they did in the movie.

1. World War One memorial. More than 116,000 Americans died in WWI, twice the number that did in Vietnam. We have memorials for WWII, Vietnam, the Korean War. Why not WWI? I suspect because no WWI veteran is alive and we don’t have Tom Hank’s advocacy. I would like to start or join a campaign to establish a WWI memorial. It would be great to have the memorial dedicated on 11/11/18, the hundred year anniversary of the end of WWI. While I am better looking than Tom Hanks I know that this “cause” will need to find a known and reputable national spokesperson.

2. National chess tournaments on aircraft carrier museums. The cities of Oakland, New York, Corpus Christi, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Charleston have aircraft carrier museums, some of which are having financial problems. Dances, weddings, and memorial services have been held on these ships. Can you imagine a chess tournament for hundreds of people, mostly kids, being held on all the carriers on the same 4th of July? What a way to honor the ships and promote them and chess.

Clearly the above ideas will require a great number of volunteers.

3. I have three grandchildren. I would like to see them go to college, or arrange for them and any more that may come, go to college. Olympic swimmer and fashion model are also options for the two girls. As is being the offensive line for the 49ers for the two year old boy, C. Thomas Boyd.

4. I would like to take my wife to Ireland, New England, Scotland, Germany, New Mexico (ugh) and some other places as time, health and money permits.

5. I would like to get a small, four person, sail boat. The San Francisco bay is often lovely for sailing. Some technical problems, aside from cost, is that my wife wouldn’t let me take the grandchildren or her along until I take and pass an approved course for both sailing and swimming (not having done either).

You should have your own bucket list started and try to do some of them before time runs out on you. My best wishes for your success.

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