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My Brothers

My brother, Bernd D. Gregor, is my only sibling. He is seven years older than me and is a “half” brother. His German father died while flying at the Russian front in WWII. Bernie is a nice, sweet guy who has never worked a job paying more than $12 an hour. He would, and has given friends his time and his last dime as requested and often volunteered when not requested. When Dad died I gave him half of Father’s estate; he did not request or demand it. It was Mother’s wish, and I assumed Father’s as no will was found. He would have done the same.

Bernie, once he learned of my illness, started calling weekly to see if I am okay and if I need anything. Despite him being as poor as a church mouse this is an appreciated and sincere offer. We have never been close and he skipped my second wedding because he feels socially awkward—my in-laws have never met him. Bernie keeps on truckin’ despite having lost his only daughter (age 30 to MS) and his two sons, both in early 40’s. (Were that me I don’t know if I could remain sane.)

Tom Nicholas is 70; 5 years older than me. He and I both joined Brecker, Brewster, Grove and Associates, in 1989. He for accounting and me for Medicare reimbursement regulations. In 1993 we started Boyd & Nicholas, Inc. We have been through good times and very bad times. We both have faced life-ending cancers and the firm coming very close to bankruptcy. Tom is a very ethical, Christian, kind, caring gentleman who shares his joy of grandchildren while hiding his compassion and prayers for others including me. He would, and has given friends his time and his dime, and often volunteers his time and money to his church and the related school. Tom added me to his prayer list once he learned of my illness and he is on mine. We share a love for westerns and sci-fi movies.

I met John McGee in junior high school and I reunited with him in junior college. John is a big guy, 6 foot 9 inches, who is all heart. Like Bernie and Tom, John would, and has given friends his time and his last dime and often volunteered when not requested. John helped me move so many times while I was in college that I referred to him as McGee Moving and Van trucking company. John loves bowling and when he lost a leg I challenged him to a game figuring at last I could beat him. We never played it but his average while bowling in a wheel chair is still higher than mine ever was. He is my daughter’s Godfather and in 37 years has never missed her birthday or Christmas. A lifelong bachelor, John now lives in Washington state near his many nieces and nephews. Big bad John.

I love my brothers.

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