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In 1979 I took two classes thru a junior college in downtown Oakland, California. The classes were “Creative Divorce” and “Living Divorced” based on the book by Mel Krantzler. In the first class I met the best man at my wedding, Patricia Speka and the instructor who would perform my wedding in 1985 and that of my son, Colin in 2012, Rog Carrington. In the second class I met Nancy Lynn Larsen (Burnham).

12/14/14 marked the 35th anniversary of my first date with Nancy. Irene, a friend from the first class, was hosting a Christmas party. The class that started in September was ending and I knew if I did not ask Nancy to this party I would likely never ask her to another. I felt something different about her and wanted to make this date special and us both comfortable. The first time I had felt that way in over eight years. That afternoon I went to 3 or 4 places looking for mistletoe and finally found it. I then took it over to Irene’s house and hung it over most of the doors. Later than evening when Nancy and I arrived I pointed out the nice surprise of the mistletoe. First date and first kiss.

A little mistletoe goes a long way.

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