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All my life I have endured being melancholy and suffering inhibiting bouts of depression. I learned to turn to the reading of poems and fiction to hide, handle the moods and bring me out of depression. Many years my only friends were the poems of Edgar Lee Masters, Carl Sandburg, Emily Dickinson, Stephen Crane, Edgar Allan Poe, and some others. I eventually discovered musical poems (songs that could be poems) and the uplifting thoughts from quotes. I still have my poetry journal and some of my poems (6/16/15 and 5/21/13 blogs are two).

I feel fortunate that I did not turn to alcohol or drugs or suicide to handle the depression. I am sure this contributes to my food addiction. I feel fortunate that I did not become a lonely taciturn man like my father. I fear becoming like him if I retire.

I have been asked what lead to the love of lighthouses. In high school I wanted to be a lighthouse keeper as you can maintain the navigation aids without much personal interaction. I believed it to be the prefect solitude occupation with isolation and time for reading. Alas, all the lighthouses in this country became automated except the Boston Light.

It is clear that the above lead to the Boyd & Nicholas, Inc. lighthouse, the newsletter Points of Light, (contact Selise,<mail> if you want to see past issues or sign up) and even this blog.

I started out with all of this for me and became interested in sharing with others. I often write the blog for myself, my children and grandchildren to express my feelings, share my thoughts and hopes for them even as I know they may not read or understand.


Behold the Image Bright and Clear To those never near

Near the Image Behold the Things Feared

Strange it seems, Stranger still The never near image Is needed for three You and me and we

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