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Love of The Game

For Love of the Game is a 1999 movie starring Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston. Kevin Costner is an aging baseball pitcher at the end of his career. His focus on baseball has consumed his life and jeopardized his relationship with his girlfriend, Kelly Preston.

After his last game he sits alone in his hotel room as the realization sinks in that everything he has been and done for the past 19 years is over. Billy weeps not only for the loss of baseball, but for the other love of his life, Kelly.

I thought “how silly’ that someone would get that wrapped up in baseball, which, after all, is only a game. After watching the movie a second time I realized it also is about me. My love for cost reports, since 1977, has been the focus of my life and caused me to neglect wife, kids, and any outside interests. I am as awkward in social settings at 66 as I was at 16.

In 2-4 years, depending on Simione, wife, health, I will be facing retirement. I suspect that I will also be weeping for the loss of my life purpose and function. My bucket list needs to be enlarged to give me new dreams going forth.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

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