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  • Tom Boyd

Lotto Winner


“A big day in Clearlake Oaks for a family-owned market where someone bought a winning SuperLotto ticket.

There was a flurry of excitement at the small market (The Oaks Red & White Store) after the owner learned $70,000 was coming his way. That’s the store’s share for selling a winning ticket in the 9/29/12 $28 million state lottery jackpot.

“We had a SuperLotto winner here,” said Oaks Red & White Store owner Nylander. “It’s exciting.”

Nylander was already figuring out how to spend the money, which, he said, would really help in light of the recent economic downturn.

“It’ll go right back to the store. We’re needing some things, things are so tight,” he said.

One thing he regretted cutting out in recent years was employee health benefits.

“Now maybe we can get that back,” Nylander said.”In my eyes Mr. Nylander is a winner.

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