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Little bits of paper

In the early days of our relationship (and often since), Nancy has observed that I am a slob. While I wore a fresh clean shirt to work every day, it was never ironed. She offered to iron my shirts if I bought them over on the weekend for ironing. I did, and she did iron them. Much to my surprise, I discovered in the pocket of the shirt (all my shirts have a pocket for my pencils and pens) a brief note. And a different note appeared in every shirt that she ironed.

” I believe in you I believe in us”

“better love this time”

“Hi Cutie”

“When Irish eyes are smiling they are looking at you”

“You are what I think of when I think of happiness”

Perhaps Nancy concluded I was still a slob even with ironed shirts or, I hope more likely, that with working full-time and raising two young boys, she gave it up due to limited time. I have all 77 of these notes in an album. I hope that when Nancy finds them after I am gone that she will consider giving them, and this story to daughter Cindy, or perhaps a granddaughter as a wedding present.

A year, more or less, after this, I observed that Nancy’s department at Blue Cross, where she was now a supervisor with a staff of 20+, often had potlucks for special events, occasions, birthdays, etc. I went to “Tom’s Fortune Cookies,” a business in Chinatown Oakland and asked them if they would make me a special bag of fortune cookies with my inserts. I then went to Andrea in the audit department typing pool and paid her to type the fortune cookie slips.

“Tom loves Nancy”

“Nancy with the lovely Irish eyes”

“Tom and Nancy forever”


and more like that. I gave Nancy the bag from “Tom’s Fortune Cookies” for her potluck. They said Nancy turned red when the fortunes were read at the pot luck. The story got around Blue Cross and I got a lot of attention and comments from the ladies, most of whom I did not even know (I was flattered.) The idea was also used by Janice, in the audit department typing pool, for her wedding.

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