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  • Tom Boyd

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Do you notice that the fraud in the home health care industry is largely being done by men and foreigners? Check out the OIG most wanted fugitives and also view captured fugitives and you will see my point. Also more DME than HHA. Of course we have a lot of reputable men (me too I hope) and foreign nationals in the industry. The government has gotten suspicious of “foreigners” which is one of the reasons that origin of birth has to be disclosed as part of the Provider Revalidation.

I love the home health care industry. How could one not with company names like Caring, Heartfelt, Loving, Tender Care, At Home, Family and other loving terms? Beats the hospital names like Memorial, City, Northside, …

More importantly the people in home health care, for the most part, are caring people believing in the mission of home health while knowing of the concept “no margin no mission.” Frankly, I relate this to being an industry started, and largely run by women.

To all the nice honorable ladies of home health care: Let me call you sweetheart. To all the honorable men of home health care: Hey dude, how’s it going?

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