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  • Tom Boyd

Leadership and The Income of the Nation

Personal comments of Tom Boyd  (and not the views of anyone else nor of Boyd & Nicholas, Inc.)

A. I am GOP and proud of it. I am from the party of Abe Lincoln , Theodore Roosevelt, Nelson Rockefeller , Ronald Reagan, Rudy Giuliani, Tom Campbell,  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jon Huntsman—all men that understood or understand the concept that you must be for all the people and not rigid in your views and approaches to the complex issues and concerns of American society.   I am a member of the Ripon Society

Where are all the leaders and statesmen? Today we seem to be engaged in the battle of extremists. No wonder congressional approval rating is at 12%. Actually I am shocked that 1 in 8 could approve of their performance.

B. Interesting statistics, graphs and articles about the distribution of wealth and income in America. FYI.



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