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My wife, Nancy and I spent a few nice days in Ireland this past September. Ireland is beautiful with nice people, great castles and surprisingly decent food. However, the Germans speak better English and have better roads.

The Irish drive on the wrong side, on narrow twisted roads with stone hedges on both sides of a road that have excessive speed limits.

Nancy did all the driving as she was even more fearful of me driving. Our routine was one of daily loud discussions. If Nancy missed a rock or curb on the left side it was a fluke and people on the sidewalks jumped back more than once. I kept my window rolled up so the bushes and trees hit the car instead of me. I was amazed we did not have a blow out. Once we took a roundabout turn which lead us to a freeway exit with a truck coming off the freeway and towards us. Nancy quickly backed up and we went around again.

30 days of this instead of 10 and I would be dead or divorced.

Next time I tour Ireland it will be by bus, or hot air balloon, or helicopter, anything but Nancy (or me) driving.

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