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  • Tom Boyd

In Between

I am a moderate Republican and that is rare these days. Seems anyone is a very liberal Democrat or very conservative Republican and there is a wide world of difference between them. My policy ideas below are liberal, conservative and in-between.

1. I don’t like the idea of a border wall and I don’t like the idea of Medicare for all. Neither will work as intended and either would be very expensive; many more billions than the amounts mentioned by the politicians.

2. I do not favor turning over the Veterans’ Affairs health system to private health care providers, mostly for-profit entities. The VA system needs to be fixed, not replaced with a new system which will have problems and driven by greed not care. Think Medicare Advantage for veterans and you can foresee some of the problems. Many veterans have health problems – mind, body, and soul – and turning them over to a system that will profit by NOT taking care of them is stupid.

3. I favor a national draft or universal service at age 19. If unable or unwilling to serve in military, the young men and women can serve by other means; VISTA, Peace Corps or charitable organizations including health care service.

4. Get out of Afghanistan. Alexander the Great never controlled it and neither did the British (lost an entire army there in 1842) or the Russians (failure 1979-1989). I would give asylum to all wishing to leave Afghanistan, as clearly many would be killed if left behind. Asylum would also be cheaper than the continual war.

5. I favor twenty-year term limits for senators and members of Congress. Their benefits should be from Medicare and social security and based on their contribution to both, and their defined benefit or retirement plan be no better than for those who are federal employees.

6. I favor not limiting or capping the social security payroll taxes. Social security increases should be per the CPI not government policy decisions. The highest payment cannot be more than seven times the lowest.

7. I favor the federal income tax rate of 1982, the year that Reagan reduced it from a top max of 70% to 50%. The top of 37% for 2019 is insufficient to support our society. Currently the rich are getting richer and the poor need more social programs. Meanwhile, the middle class is being squeezed, reduced, and becoming increasingly angry.

8. I favor student loan forgiveness, full, part, or in phases, for those who serve in the military, VISTA, Peace Corps or work as teachers and health care workers in communities lacking them. Loan forgiveness should be granted to low income and disabled.

9. I believe ballots should only be in English. If you want the privilege (not a right) of voting, then be able to read English. I do not favor poll tax or exams to be a registered voter.

10. I do not favor removing war memorials of the American Civil War, but I do favor removing the confederate symbols from five state flags.

11. I don’t believe in the death penalty due to the inconsistent application and the excessive costs due to legal delays. I do believe in life sentences without the possibility of parole.

12. I don’t like undocumented foreigners who are unemployed or not sponsored living in this country. I believe those who want to come into this country and work should be given the opportunity to do so. Even the Irish were given that opportunity in the 1800’s.

13. I favor welfare payments and job work programs. Those able to work and drug free should be required to work in order to receive Medicaid.

14. I favor child care – health, food, education – for all children in our country. If for no other reason than the lives that suffer from lack of proper care, while young, will lead to troubles and shortcomings for themselves and society when they are adults.

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