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  • Tom Boyd

I want a Ménage à trois

The phrase literally translates as “household of three.”

In the USA we only have two major parties; Democrat and Republican. Many other countries have three or more major parties. In England they are the Conservative and Unionist Party, Liberal Democrats and Labour Party. In Germany there are six major parties with the Christian Democratic Union and Social Democratic being the largest two. Italy has more political parties than pasta and France more than they have good wine. These countries often have to form a coalition government in order to make the governmental process work. Sometimes the coalition would be short lived due to disputes between the partners.

I use to think that the multi-party system was a terrible way to run a country and that our two party system was the best. NO LONGER. It seems that particularly in this century our two parties fight to the point where little gets done and much is disputed. The appointment and confirmation of judges and other officials is stalled or greatly delayed due to the bickering. Needed reforms of our health care programs, taxes, social security and more are not taking place due to the inability of the politicians to compromise.

We have “czars” in the White House and the Independent Payment Advisory Board to make decisions that legally, morally, and ethically belong to the congress elected by the people to make decisions.

I am now wishing we had more major political parties and a coalition government. The creation of new parties; the Blue Dog Democrats (The Bulldog Party), the Ripon Society Republicans (The Lincoln Party), Ron Paul (The Isolationist Party), tea party (The Whig Party) could form a coalition government among themselves or with the Democrats (The Federalists Party) or the Republicans (The Tories Party) to run the USA.

I would like to see three parties in the House and the Senate. Could be an improvement. Hard to imagine it being worse.

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