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I miss wine coolers

May 28, 2013 / Boyd & Nicholas

California Cooler in 1981 invented the wine cooler. Two dudes mixing the wine and fruit juices in a garage in Lodi was the story (how cool is that?). They sold out in 1985 for $146 million (even cooler). I loved the citrus California Cooler. Alas, the buyer could not fight Gallo and the brand disappeared. Bartles & James (Gallo), made with malt beverages, took over the wine cooler market. And after driving out all the others (except Seagram) they also took out the wine from the wine cooler (Seagram did too) UGH. I complain every time I go to the store and see the sign “wine coolers” as neither B&J nor Seagram’s have wine in their wine cooler. I am looking for someone to help me mix wine and fruit juices in my garage in Petaluma. Could be a great career change and we can have fun testing the product.

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