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  • Tom Boyd

I’m Mule Headed

A mule is better than a horse.

• A horse will drink itself to death, not a mule. • A horse will run itself to death, not a mule. • You can’t overload a mule, they will just quit. Kills the horse. • Mules are more sure-footed. • Mules can eat poorly and will thrive. Horses will get sick. • Mules are more patient, hardy and long-lived than horses. • Sometimes mules whimper (I got that part down good). • They can seem lazy because they will not put themselves in danger (me neither). • The “stubborn” streak is just the mule’s way of telling humans that things are not right. • Mules are very intelligent and it is not a good idea to abuse a mule (works for me). • Mules will do their best for their owner, with the utmost patience (wife/owner disbelieves this).

If you want to donate, adoption or rescue:

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