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I love nagging

I love nagging. The California office has all five ladies that do it rather well.

When any one of them receives an inquiry from a client or possible client or anyone that needs to be forwarded to me for response or an answer they do two things: (1) they inform the inquirer that I will be responding and (2) they check with me, like soon after, that I have taken care of the inquiry.

I have learned to copy the staff on my response because they will inquire (nag) and inquire (nag) and inquire (nag) until I have answered and responded to the inquiry.

To me this demonstrates personal and professional responsibility. They are telling all “we will get back to you” and they take actions to insure that does happen.

I wish my nagging of children and spouse would be as successful.

I love nagging. Thank you Kathleen, Selise, Cathy, Susan and Nancy.

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