• Tom Boyd

I know the feeling . . .

Brett Favre, Ken Stabler, Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas, and Joe Montana, in addition to being good to great quarterbacks have one more thing in common – they all ended their career with a team other than the one they made famous, or that made them famous. They ended their careers playing past their prime. Clearly walking away from the job and career that they love was impossible for them. They were forced to retire.

I understand that feeling. I acknowledge that I am in the twilight of my career but I may need to be dragged off the field.

What drives Paul McCartney?

Paul McCartney is in his 70s, but his shows demand the breadth and length of a performer decades younger. In this wide-ranging interview, he says the fans inspire him, but also that music is forever his job. “I mean, I never really felt like, ‘Oh, I did good.’ Nobody does,” he says. “Even at the height of The Beatles. I prefer to think there’s something I’m not doing quite right, so I’m constantly working on it.” Esquire magazine (U.K.) (8/2015)

“So what are you doing here playing a series of concerts in Japan, when you could be at home with your feet up?

Paul McCartney: Two reasons: I love it, and it’s my job. Three reasons: the audience.” My three reasons: I love it, it’s my job and client appreciation.

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