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  • Tom Boyd

I Confess

I confess that I lie and cheat every time I fly.

I wear suspenders and they always sound off the machine when going thru the body image scanner but not when I go thru the regular old style machines. To remove the suspenders means I have to take off my pants to put them back on. To leave them on means I get body searched every time I go thru the body image machine scanner.

I find this annoying; sufficiently so that I ask for a private room for the body search AND a witness. Bother me and I will try to return the treatment.

A couple of years ago after explaining why I choose to be searched and how annoying this was, a TSA agent asked how my arms were. He then stated that people who could not raise their arms did not have to go thru the body image machine scanner.

I confess that every flight since then I tell the TSA screener that I cannot raise my arms and I skip the body image machine and go to the old style one.

We all tell little white lies and while I am too honest to tell my daughter-in-law that I like green bean casserole (ugh), I am not too honest to lie and cheat national security.

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