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High, low and in between

This year is the 20th anniversary of Boyd & Nicholas, Inc. We started September 17, 1993 with a small three-room office and one part-time employee.

I had hopes of us soon becoming large enough to be an ESOP and Tom Nicholas may have had hopes of Tommy Nicholas running it. The Interim Payment System (IPS) killed both dreams.

B&N, Inc.’s best year was 1997; most revenues, most employees and most money for Tom & Tom. 2002 was our worst year with revenues less than 1/3 of 1997, most staff gone and within 15 minutes of bankruptcy.

We have not been that high or that low since. And we are ok with that.

We have enjoyed the twenty years. We like what we do and being able to help our customers/clients. We refer to a new client as “joining our family” and wish most well if they leave us. (not all; Saint Thomas is not in our office; a few get no wish of any sort). Our “family” being in the home health care business is a bonus as we feel we are helping them take care of the patients in their community.

How many people can say they like their work, their co-workers, their industry, their colleagues and their clients?

Call me in-between only as it relates to money. I am high on everything else.

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