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Having Bosses

Like many of us I have had many different bosses over the years ranging from very good to very bad.

1977-1989 When I worked for Blue Cross and the Medicare program I had a few too many. There was the one who I presented with the list of items needing completion and my asking what were the priorities as 24/7 was not enough time to complete them all. He said they were all #1 so of course I picked the wrong priorities and got in trouble for not completing the others. I catch myself doing that to others and try to step on tongue, foot and hand to avoid doing so.

My favorite was the manager who said I dressed like a slob and should never quit working for Medicare as I would be a failure in the outside world. I like to think he was only half right.

In 1986 I was introduced to Medicare home health and fell in love with the concept, the industry and the people. I just did not know how to escape from being a mean auditor.

1989-1993 I worked for a consulting firm, since bankrupt, that appeared to have a nice boss in Maryland and a very controlling one in the California office where I worked. She even kept the fax machine in her office and locked it when she was not there. (The janitor and I got to know each other well as that is when I would use the fax as he cleaned the offices.) The nice boss in Maryland supported her treatment and it took me a while to catch on. More importantly they treated the clients like a beef herd with taking a calf or a leg or bleeding them for maximum profit.

1993-2013 I worked for Boyd & Nicholas, Inc., and we thought of ourselves as being in the butter and eggs business; we wanted the clients healthy and supporting our efforts to help them. I had two main bosses, Tom Nicholas and Nancy Boyd with the other bosses sometimes being the clients. Tom and Nancy were usually kind. (Tom did throw a book at me once.)

In 2014 I joined Simione Healthcare Consultants and now have a possible 10 bosses, the nine principals of Simione and, of course, Nancy Boyd. I am still on the “honeymoon” as my main bosses, Bob Simione and Billy Simione, have been great to work for.

I wish everyone to have a nice boss or to be one themselves.

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