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Happy Rules

Happy Rules  

21 Rules for a Good Age 

Some of us have reached our golden years, and some of us have not. But these suggestions should be read by everyone. They have been collected from many a senior, each with his or her own piece of advice. Some you know, some may surprise you, and some will remind you of what’s important. So read well, share with your loved ones, and have a great day and a great life!

1. It’s time to use the money you saved up. Use it and enjoy it. Don’t just keep it for those who may have no notion of the sacrifices you made to get it. 

2. Stop worrying about the financial situation of your children and grandchildren, and don’t feel bad spending your money on yourself. The responsibility is now theirs to earn their own money. 

3. Keep a healthy life, without great physical effort. That is why you need to keep yourself in good shape and be aware of your medical and physical needs. 

4. Always buy the best, most beautiful items for your significant other. The key goal is to enjoy your money with your partner. 

5. Don’t stress over the little things. Don’t let the past drag you down and don’t let the future frighten you. Feel good in the now. Small issues will soon be forgotten. 

6. Regardless of age, always keep love alive. Love your partner, love life, love your family, love your neighbor and remember: “A man is not old as long as he has intelligence and affection.”

7. Be proud, both inside and out. When you are well-maintained on the outside, it seeps in, making you feel proud and strong. 

8. Don’t lose sight of fashion trends for your age, but keep your own sense of style.

9. ALWAYS stay up-to-date. Read newspapers, watch the news. Make sure you have an active email account and try to use some of those social networks. 

10. Respect the younger generation and their opinions. Give advice, not criticism, and try to remind them of yesterday’s wisdom that still applies today.

11. Never use the phrase: “In my time”. Your time is now. 

12. Some people embrace their golden years, while others become bitter and surly. Spend your time with positive, cheerful people, it’ll rub off on you.  

13. Do not surrender to the temptation of living with your children or grandchildren (if you have a financial choice, that is). 

14. Don’t abandon your hobbies. If you don’t have any, make new ones. Find something you like and spend some real-time having fun with it.

15. Even if you don’t feel like it, try to accept invitations. The important thing is to leave the house from time to time. Go to museums, go walk through a field. Get out there.

16. Be a conversationalist. Talk less and listen more. 

17. Pain and discomfort go hand in hand with getting older. Try not to dwell on them but accept them as a part of the cycle of life we’re all going through.

18. If you’ve been offended by someone – forgive them. If you’ve offended someone – apologize.

19. If you have a strong belief, savor it. But don’t waste your time trying to convince others. 

20. Laugh. Laugh A LOT. Laugh at everything. Remember, you are one of the lucky ones. You managed to have a life, a long one. 

21. Take no notice of what others say about you and even less notice of what they might be thinking. 

AND REMEMBER: “Life is too short to drink bad wine.” 

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