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Grace is our path to comity, civility and compassion. Grace is a catalyst for the “greater good” at work, at home and in our communities. Grace is a clarion call for the goodness in the world around us as well as a practical guide to implementing grace in your own life. My book, “GRACE: A Leader’s Guide for a Better Us,” tells the stories of women and men making a positive difference in our world by devoting themselves to serving as agents of positive change. GRACE is also an acronym representing five attributes: • G is for generosity, the will to do something more for others. • R is respect, the dignity of life and work. • A is action, the mechanism for change. • C is compassion, the concern for others. • E is energy, the spirit that catalyzes us. Each attribute is distinct but each works with the others to make the notion of grace something that is tangible and therefore actionable.

Written by John Baldoni

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