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  • Tom Boyd

Five Guys

No, I am not talking about our five greatest presidents; Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, T. Roosevelt.

No, I am not talking about the five old dudes in the HHFMA Hall of Fame; Ken, Bill, Pat, Bernie and me 🙂

I am talking about the hamburger chain called Five Guys. Until early 2009 there were about a thousand stores, located in the east, big in Maryland and Virginia, with growth coming via franchising. Then President Obama stopped by one (on YouTube) and made them famous and more popular. Now they have 1,500 locations, 1,000 more planned and a waiting list for franchisees. In taste tests they rival and often beat In N Out Burger. (The two of them beat all others.)

Recently Five Guys opened one in Petaluma. Nancy and I had to try it of course. Her Bacon Cheeseburger, at $7.59 with 920 calories, was great but more than twice the price of the double-double, two patties cheeseburger, $3.30 at In N Out Burger.

In N Out for me.

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