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Feeling wealthy OR happy?

The Miami Herald:  Congress Is Fiddling While Medicare Goes Bankrupt

It’s dead wrong to draw the conclusion from the Senate vote and the House race in New York that the country will just have to put up with a national healthcare plan for seniors that creates lopsided deficits forever because no on can do anything about it. … Ultimately, no deal is possible until Republicans and Democrats agree on a bipartisan solution.  The sooner both sides realize that and stop making false claims about each other’s plans, the sooner a deal can be achieved (5/28).

Quote of the Day

AIS’s Health Business Daily, May 31, 2011

“The health reform law enacted last year will hurt far more than help from a small-business perspective.  Additional health care costs cannot be absorbed given thin profit margins.  Fewer hires and fewer hours for retained employees is the likely outcome.  Our members are already reporting fewer hires, franchises and other retail store openings as a consequence.”

– David French, senior VP for government relations at the National Retail Federation

Wealth Health

Forty-two percent of millionaires say they won’t “feel wealthy” until they have more than $7.5 million.

Source: Fidelity

Stinginess Is Sickening

A recent study showed people who spent money on themselves reported lower levels of happiness than those who spent money on others.

Source:  Journal of Health Psychology

Forbes:  Medicare Vouchers Won’t Reduce Health Spending

The House Republican plan to replace Medicare with vouchers could lower national health spending in only one of two ways:  Either seniors would respond to higher out-of-pocket costs by using less – or more efficient – health care, or private insurance companies would ration their care for them.  In effect, insurance company bureaucrats would replace those government bureaucrats so disparaged by House Republicans (Howard Gleckman, 5/31).

Des Moines Register:  More Need To Help Protect Our Elderly

Sen. Charles Grassley recently sent a letter to the administrator of the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  He wants some answers after a federal report Grassley requested found many nursing home residents with dementia are give antipsychotic drugs. … Grassley is right to ask questions of the agency.  But keeping seniors safe is a responsibility that extends far beyond CMS – from the halls of Congress to state legislatures to nursing home workers in rural Iowa (6/1).

How to handle salary negotiations and employee compensation during the recession (excerpt)

How can you develop non-monetary compensation packages for employees?

  1. Offer a balance between work and life.  Allow flexible starting times, core business hours, work from home options and flexible ending times.  Employees will deter from a fixation on salary if they feel like they have a balance and some freedom.

  2. Offer an attractive and competitive benefits package, if you are able to, with components such as life and disability insurance and flexible hours.  An employee can be content with a low- to mid-range salary if a strong benefits package is offered.

  3. Select the right people from the beginning through behavior-based testing and competency screenings.  Offer performance feedback and praise good efforts and results.

  4. Do your best to create a fun work environment, because people want to enjoy their work.  Engage and employ the special talents of each individual, and involve employees in decisions that affect their jobs and the overall direction of the company, such as the discussion of company vision, mission, values and goals.

  5. Continue company traditions, such as holiday parties.  This gives everyone something to look forward to and adds an element of fun into the workplace.

  6. Remember to take an interest in your employees.  Respect their ideas and listen to them.  This small gesture can make an employee feel needed and that he or she has a purpose in everyday tasks, beyond just receiving a paycheck.

  7. Provide opportunities within the company for cross-training and career progression.  People like to know that they have room for career movement.

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