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Do good and do well?

U.S. ranks 19th in quality of retirement security

The quality of retirement security provided by the U.S. was ranked 19th among 150 nations. The U.S. position benefited from increasing economic stability but was undercut by persistent income inequality, the risk of inflation and rising interest rates. (2/25)

The 2014 Global Retirement Index is based on an analysis by Natixis Global Asset Management of 20 key trends across four broad categories: Health and health care quality, personal income and finances, quality of life, and socio-economic factors. Global Retirement Index 2014

In my 2/18/14 blog I gave the list of the ten least corrupt countries where the USA was also 19th. I found it interesting the close correlation between least corrupt and the best quality of retirement security.

Least Corrupt vs Quality Retirement

It would seem to be implied that if you do right in your dealings (least corrupt) you are more likely to have a quality retirement. Do good and do well, a nice thought.

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