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COVID 19 Garage Sale

One of my three sister-in-laws, Nora, died 9/8/2019 at the age of 66, too young and too soon for anyone who knew her.

Nora was a fan of Southwest style for everything; her house, garden, and her many treasures that she had collected were all of that theme. The sisters and their families took many items from her house and it was decided to have a garage sale of Nora’s remaining treasures and the giving of the unsold items to Goodwill. A common practice for those who have lost a family member who had lots of treasures is to have an Estate Sale.

The garage sale was delayed until late June due to COVID 19 and the settling of Nora’s estate. Having a garage sale during COVID 19 was different. The workers (three sisters, a niece, and two husbands) all wore masks. The attendees to the sale were required to wear masks, given a mask if they did not have one, and had to wear gloves or use hand sanitizer to enter the area. The poor cashier (me) had to handle all the dirty money and the benefit of sticky fingers was offset by the concern of virus contact.

Nora’s treasures all dated from 2008 when she rebuilt her house that had burned down. in the Butte County fires. Ironic that she lived 5 miles from Paradise CA but glad that she missed the 2018 Paradise fire which killed 84 people and destroyed Paradise.

The garage sale was a sad event for the family workers. There was also sadness that Nora’s “treasures” was now considered “stuff” if not junk. We hope and did feel that many of the buyers consider their purchased items as treasures.

My wife is advocating, nagging, pushing, demanding and insisting that we have a garage sale for me to part with my “treasures”. I have been collecting since 1977. I had most of my collections in the Simione office and are currently in our garage where one of our cars use to be. I had over 100 lighthouses; pictures, paintings, models, candles, and a few other items. My kids mostly did not want my treasures and only part of loved collection was given to some friends and my daughter.  I donated 6 chess themed pictures to the Berkeley Chess School and I hope to visit them often

It will be a sad day when we hold the next garage sale and I part with many of my treasures. There is some merit to holding an estate sale after the collector has died. I wonder if this is why the pharaohs of ancient Egypt wanted to be buried with their stuff.

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