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  • Tom Boyd

Competitors & Peers

We all have business competitors. Some we like because they are quality organizations producing quality services like we do we hope. Additionally, I favor those who also give back to the industry by being active in their state and national associations. They are doing free programs, writing articles, and a resource for the associations and their members. Mark Sharp, Dave Macke, Ted Cuppett, Bob Simione, Vern Peterschmidt and Pat Laff come to mind. I am proud to call them peers.

Then there are those who I call the second tier. These consultants appear to produce quality work but have little interest in doing free programs, no interest in writing articles, or in assisting the state and national associations. They spend all their time on other things and that, of course, is their personal choice. Rene, Tiffany, Jim, and Richard come to mind. Nice people doing good work.

Lastly, there is a group that appear to consider the completion of the cost report akin to ordering pizza. They pay little attention to the completion of a proper cost report nor are they willing to disclose their expertise, experience, professional affiliates (usually none), and education. And when they do they often lie about it. If you run into one of these please keep running. Sometimes the cheapest option can be the most expensive.

Not all competitors are peers.

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